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Omni-channel Customer Engagement

Capture the voice-of-the-customer across the continuum of care including in-hospital digital rounding, in-clinic kiosks and post-visit text and email.

AI-enhanced analytics

Uncover sentiment and categorize customer comments/providers notes for customer satisfaction and clinical measures.

Customer Experience Management

Includes issue resolution/ticketing system and built-in CRM, customer profiles and journey mapping.


Organizations expect customers to answer the questions by checking a box. However, the way we communicate is changing. This means the customert is taking their experience to mobile and social outlets. The customer’s voice is unsolicited and unstructured. Does your organization have the tools to listen to this new way of customer communication?


With a high velocity of customer comments arriving in an unstructured, unsolicited manner. Predictive and directional analytics are needed to help manage the deluge of unstructured data an organization is faced with. Advances in technology allow for artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, machine learning that can really change on how we can risk stratify customers, how we interact with our customers, how we interface them with data.


In order for customer journey mapping to be effective, we need to know which customer journey matters and why. We need to not only innovate, but drive operational excellence organization measures around these journeys. We need to use those journeys to find the indicators that are important to us and our customers. Listening to the multi-modes of customer communication, analyzing a high velocity of customer comments through cognitive computing, can drive actionable insights from the voice of the customer for the first time in human history.

Engage customers

  • Engage and listen to customers across multiple channels.
  • Multi-modal platform accelerates high velocity feedback from any device or web browser including tablets at the point-of-care as well as customer’s mobile phones to encourage higher participation rates and engagement.

Manage issues

  • Manage questions, complaints, concerns and unresolved issues in a single efficient workflow
  • Timely, accountable service request resolution
  • Assign follow-up actions to team members and track issue resolution

Identify opportunities

  • Analyze high volumes of unstructured data such as customer comments and provider notes to uncover recurring themes and systemic issues
  • AI-enhanced customer engagement insights

Personalize experiences

  • View customer profiles, personas and journey maps to better address individual customer needs.
  • Provides keen insights into customer relationships
  • Searchable database to view individual customers history, preferences, etc